On this Diwali, men in Dangri will keep city safe

They are a group of 460 recently-recruited Delhi police constables

In a novel move this festive season, Delhi police has deployed a special squad for security purposes in the Capital, called the Dangri Commandos. The squad has earned this name as they wear Dangri, a special kind of garment made using only a single piece of cloth.

Representative pic

In the recent past, Delhi police purchased Dangris for 630 cops. A top-brass officer, on the condition of anonymity, said 460 of them have been deployed across the Capital. The officer further said the Dangri Commandos are recently-recruited constables, trained at the Police Training College, Jharoda Kalan.

No risk too big
"They are laced with sophisticated weapons. They will be in contact with the local police officers, so that they can easily be informed about any untoward incidents," said a highly-placed source. "They can be seen at any high-risk market areas. Most of them have been deputed in south Delhi," said the police.

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