On a friendly note

Like her reel roles, in real life too Amrita Rao is a warm, bubbly girl at heart. And, the girl has a real knack for making friends. Says Amrita, "I enjoy making friends and introducing people to one another. But no, I am not into matchmaking (laughs out loud)! I like the thrill that I feel whenever I meet someone for the first time." Amrita, who has loads of friends belonging to different nationalities, places and age groups, tells CS about some of her special friendships:

Who: Amrita Rao
What: Talks about her friendships

The Yankee and the desi girl
One of my most special friends is Nick G. I met him a few years ago in Atlanta, US, where I had gone for a fashion show. A common friend introduced me to him. We hit it off instantly and Nick took us around Atlanta, including a trip to the famous Seaworld. He is a very adventurous guy, and so full of life. There's not a single dull moment when he's around. Nick is also very hooked onto Indian culture, food, yoga, etc. One of my cousins lives in New York, and Nick recently shifted there. I have introduced them to one another, and they're now good buddies. When Nick came down to India, I took him around the city and made him savour the local delicacies. He has also given me an American name, Betsy Jean, and calls me that whenever I am in the US. 

From fan to friend
When I was shooting in Darjeeling for Main Hoon Na I met this girl called Prathishta. She was introduced to me as a fan. We got talking and I found her to be a very warm person. While I was leaving, she gave me a lovely gift as well. Usually, I never share my number with any fan, but I gave her my contact. Every morning she sends me a lovely SMS that brightens my day and I get a present from her on my birthday. Recently, we met up in Kolkata and she took me to the Dakshineshwar Temple. I really consider myself lucky to find such a good friend in a fan. 

Cerebral connect
Honestly, I have more male friends than female friends. I never enjoy endless chats about clothes, cosmetics or shoes. That is why I don't end up making friends with every second girl I meet. Instead, I love talking about gadgets and gizmos. One of my closest male friends is Arvind. I met him during the shoot of John Matthew Matthan's Shikhar. He is much senior to me, but we share common interests. I don't think that age is a barrier for friendship. He is a very spiritual person, and has helped me discover my religious side. Arvind is very fond of drinking tea. I had kicked the habit some time ago, but he got me back to having chai!

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