On pointing fingers

Pakistan's interior minister Rehman Malik became a trending topic following reports that quoted him referring to Ajmal Qasab as a terrorist who should be sent to the gallows. Someone using the handle IbneBattuta tweeted: 'India was so busy feeding Qasab biryani that it had almost forgotten what to do with him.'
In Kundan Kumar Jha's words: 'Shame on our leaders. When they will have the same kind of demand?' And a request from Sajid Bhombal: 'Dear Rehman Malik, we know what to do with Qasab. Can you do your work and make sure Pakistan doesn't produce any more Qasabs?'

Any takers?
Actor and comedian Eddie Murphy clogged timelines after resigning as host of the 2012 Oscar ceremony. His decision came a day after the resignation of his friend, producer Brett Ratner, who allegedly used a derogatory term. Not everyone reacted with sadness. In the words of a certain Jason, for instance, 'The Oscars have no producer and now no host, which is a huge improvement over having Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy.' Emma Caulfield tweeted: 'Can Hugh Laurie please step in? Or perhaps Tina Fey and Hugh Laurie?' Scott Weinberg added: 'I'm cool with it. Having Murphy host the Oscars is like having a loud, creepy, angry guy host the Oscars.'

General knowledge
What are thing we all should know? People online aired their views and among the examples that cropped up were these: 'Men who act like women when they're in love should be dumped', 'liking decent music makes you ten times more attractive' and 'your parents are smarter than you because they made it through school without Google and Wikipedia.'

The last word
From music composer Vishal Dadlani: 'No religion says "get drums and crackers, make lots of noise, disrupt traffic and cause pollution." Celebrate, don't irritate.'

-- Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online

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