>> David is a member of the five famous DJs of the world.

David Guetta

>> He had supported Nicolas Sarkozy’s 2007 presidential campaign.
>> The EDM star has two kids with wife Cathy Guetta: a son Tim-Elvis and a daughter Angie.
>> David started DJing professionally from the age of 17.
>> Back in the 80’s when DJing wasn’t a familiar term with many people, Guetta’s parents had frowned upon their son’s choice of career. To them, places like nightclubs were “terrible and fake”.
>> David Guetta turns up for concerts in cool and casual clothes. He is known to have a passion for sporting footwear. Guetta was spotted wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin trainers studded with silver spikes at a concert in 2010.
>> An avid admirer of Prince during his teenage years, Guetta has gone from throwing crazy parties in his parent’s basement to playing for packed houses at concerts and shows.