Once again, Sanjay Dutt wants to extend parole to be with Maanayata

The actor, who has been out of jail since December, wants an extension in order to be with wife Maanayata

What actor Sanjay Dutt really wants is one long vacation from jail.  The actor, who was serving his sentence at Yerwada jail, has yet again applied for a 30-day extension citing wife Maanayata’s illness as reason. Dutt came out on parole on December 21, 2013. He was supposed to get back into jail on January 21, but his parole was extended to February 21.

A source from Bandra police confirmed the news and said, “Dutt has applied for an extension to his parole. The application mentions that he wants to take care of his ailing wife.” The officer added, “We have received the application and are studying the doctor’s report. If there is a strong medical report, Dutt’s leave may be extended.”

Another source from Bandra police station said, “This time, Dutt will find it difficult to get his leave extended because he has been out of jail since December. To add to that, there are several media reports that he gets leave due to his star-status and political background.” 

Dr Ajay Chaugule, who has been treating Maanayata, said, “She is weak and needs assistance at home. I’ve asked her to undergo weekly check-ups.’’ When asked about media reports which claim that Maanayata has been diagnosed with tuberculosis, Dr Chaugule added. “I cannot divulge diagnostic details of my patient.’’

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  • Ritesh12-Feb-2014

    Is the parole counted towards the amount of time served in jail?

  • Joe12-Feb-2014

    Why even go to jail. He can permanent parole. After all he needs to take care of his sick wife (who by the way looks perfectly healthy). There is no one in the family who can take care of her and his children.

  • Anila11-Feb-2014

    Would they have done the same had it not been a public figure ?? Paisa bolta hain

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