One exhibition, two venues

The works of renowned German artist Wolfgang Laib, set to present a solo show in New York's MOMA next year, have been brought to the city and is being exhibited in two galleries

One of Germany's most popular conceptual artist Wolfgang Laib's works are currently being exhibited at two galleries in the city simultaneously. Passageway, his first solo show Mumbai, is being exhibited at  Galerie Mirchandani+Steinruecke, Colaba and Chemould Prescott Road gallery, Fort.

Laib, who is preparing for a solo at the prestigious Museum of Modern Art in New York to be held next year, has brought down some of his iconic works and put them on display in his current exhibition. These include his monumental beeswax boats that bear the title of the exhibition (see picture above), the minimalist black sculpture Stairs, and The Milkstone, considered to be one of the seminal works that established him as an artist of some repute.

The marble slab for The Milkstone is polished in order to produce an
infinitesimal declivity to hold back the milk which is poured onto it

Through his exhibition, the artist looks at nature as something to be experienced through the senses. But this isn't the ultimate goal of his work, he says. The idea is to encourage contemplation. Born in 1950, Laib began working as an artist in 1972. A trained doctor, he is known to live and work like a 'hermit', and is a student of Eastern and pre-Modern religions including Buddhism, Jainism, and medieval Christianity.

"The pollen, the milk, the beeswax have a beauty that is incredible, that is beyond the imagination, something which you cannot believe is a reality -- and it is the most real," Laib is reported to have said about his works. The artist is a proponent of beauty, something that he feels, most contemporary artists are afraid of. Laib asserts that while he may not be able to make or create natural beauty, he can participate in in it.

At: Chemould Prescott Road, Queen's Mansion, 2/F, G Talwatkar Marg, Fort; and Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke, 2 Sunny House, 16/18 Merewether Road, Colaba
Call: 22000211, 22023030 respectively

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