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Feb 06, 2014, 09:17 IST | Soma Das

Aurora, a triograph (layers of pen and ink drawings) by Akash Choyal

Six contemporary artists were given a single brief: to portray their views and concerns about the world they inhabit through the prism of emotions. It resulted in the exhibition, titled They Are Us: An Emphatic Response. Curated by Jasmine Shah Verma, it features works by artists such as Prajakta Palav, Sharmi Chowdhury, Simrin Mehra-Agarwal, Lavanya Mani, Vinita Dasgupta and Akash Choyal. Speaking about the exhibition, Verma says, “Emotions shape our world. Across cultures, races and genders, it is emotions that are universal. The main premise is to evoke emotions through visually powerful works of art. When a viewer empathises with the emotions portrayed in a work of art, there is clarity and succour in knowing they are just like us (hence, the title).”

Try to give rebirth, a tempera on silk artwork, by Sharmi Chowdhury

Story Teller XVI by Vinita Dasgupta; made using new media on board

Verma adds that the selected works are in different mediums and are visually impactful, yet not garish or shocking. From painting on canvas, to sculptures made from Japanese Hanji paper, tempera on silk, natural colours and embroidery on cotton fabric, to mixed media on wood, various techniques and approaches to visual expression
are on display. The works include Agarwal’s wood panels featuring painted book covers of 29 novels. Each panel emotes a character that touched her while she read them.Palav photo-documented, painted and shot the interiors of homes in Bandra-Koliwada, Bhandup and Dharavi to showcase the aspirations of people living in cramped rooms and how they make-do. Chowdhury has used paper and silk to reveal human fragility while Mani has examined complex matters of the heart through her textile art.

A photograph from the Dharavi collection by Prajakta Palav

Book cover art by Simrin Mehra Agarwal, made using graphite, acrylic and stucco on wood

The exhibition is on till February 8, 11 am to 7 pm.
At The Viewing Room, Elysium Mansion, Walton Road, Colaba Causeway.
Call 22830026

Love painting by Lavanya Mani, made using natural dye, pigment paint, applique and hand embroidery on cotton fabric

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