One killed in a minor blast at Ghatkopar mall

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A 24-year-old air conditioner technician succumbed to injuries after a cylinder in an AC unit exploded in a Ghatkopar mall on Saturday morning.

Odeon mall at Ghatkopar east. Pic/Nandish Thaker
Odeon mall at Ghatkopar east. Pic/Nandish Thaker

Naseem Ansari, who was working as a contract technician with an AC repair firm in Kalyan, was repairing the faulty set-up when the incident took place. The blast, that reportedly shook buildings in the vicinity, ended up killing him on the spot. The police and fire brigade cordoned off the mall, which houses several popular clothing and food outlets as well as a multiplex.

Fire brigade arrives at the spot. Pic/Sadaguru Pandit
Fire brigade arrives at the spot. Pic/Sadaguru Pandit

Ansari and an associate were working on the topmost floor at 11 am on Saturday. Ansari asked the associate to acquire a tool from his supplies bag, which was on the ground floor. However, moments later, while the associate was still in the lift, one of the cylinders in the AC unit exploded, injuring Ansari.

A police official from Pant Nagar Police Station, under whose jurisdiction the mall falls, confirmed that the body was severely disfigured. The station was informed half an hour after the incident. No ambulances were available, and Ansari was rushed in a police van to Rajawadi Hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival. CR Pawar, assistant divisional fire officer, Deonar fire station, said that incident occurred due to a gas leak in the AC compressor. Shankar Dhanawade, senior police inspector, said they are investigating if there was negligence on the part of the mall or safety norms have been violated.

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