Baba Ramdev asked his supporters to remove the Congress, bring back black money and end corruption. Naturally, he clogged timelines. Amit Srivastava tweeted: ‘After the BJP, Shiv Sena joins Ramdev’s movement — days of corrupt Congress are counted!’ Someone using the handle SumeetCJ added: One man bringing the capital to a halt. When did this country witness such a spectacle before?’ According to a certain Shantanu: ‘Basically, Congress = Loose, old, floppy, lady parts; Ramdev = rejuvenating, tightening cream.’ There was this update from Ramesh Srivats: ‘Baba Ramdev marching towards Parliament. MPs marching away from Parliament.’ And from Faking News: ‘Ramdev to protest outside Parliament. By the time he reaches Parliament, it will already be adjourned and empty.’

A hero is born
‘Congratulations to Sushil Kumar, first Indian to win back to back individual medals!’ That tweet, from cricketer Yuvraj Singh, was one of many celebrating the wrestler’s performance. Pranjal Sharma tweeted: ‘Humble Olympic winners Mary Kom, Sushil Kumar apologise for missing gold. Never hear spoilt millionaire cricketers say sorry.’ According to filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, ‘He proves that you don’t need to eat meat for strength, stamina and physical power.’ There was this comment from Eccentricandhow: ‘From being a poor bus driver’s son to winning a medal at the Olympics. Every dark cloud indeed has a ‘silver’ lining!’ And from Sorabh Pant: ‘One Sushil Kumar plunges the country into darkness, the other lights it up with a silver. No golds for guessing which one is in politics.’

That feeling of…
What does freedom mean to you? That question elicited these among other responses: ‘Not caring what people think’, ‘listening to your favourite song without being scared of being judged’ and ‘breathing through your nostrils after a prolonged cold.’

The last word
From his Holiness, the Dalai Lama: ‘When we develop a sense of concern for others’ well-being, then the very basis of anger is no longer there.’

— Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online (