One for the team

Oct 13, 2011, 09:00 IST | Lindsay Pereira

A 22-year-old student of law reportedly served a notice to Anna Hazare's aides, claiming they had insulted the sentiments of Indians by shifting focus to a single party rather than concentrating on corruption. This prompted Sami J Austin to tweet: 'Team Anna, if you want to enter politics, do it like a man. Don't hide behind the garb of social activism.' Pradeep Narasimha added: 'Can Team Anna, Digvijay and the Congress stop playing ""who called the kettle black"?' The always dependable Faking News weighed in with this idea: 'If I were in Team Anna, I would have asked people to give a missed call to Digvijay Singh to register support for the Jan Lokpal Bill.' And a suggestion from Aadisht Khanna: 'Why is Team Anna waiting for a Lokpal Bill? They should just set up an extra-constitutional Lokpal.'

Tongue twisters
'A girl asks me: Are you having a girlfriend?' That tweet, from Noyon Jyoti Parasara, was one of hundreds that made 'Rape English' a trending topic. Among the more amusing examples cited were 'How many fishes in your fish tank?', 'I have two twin daughters', 'I shall revert back on this', 'Come for dinner, I am a good cooker', 'Teacher: Don't shout, principal just passed away' and 'A cow has four legs; two forward and two afterward.'

Never together
Another strange topic that obsessed a significant number of people for a while was listing 'two things that don't mix.' Examples included 'Chelsea fans and Manchester United fans', 'you and your alarm clock in the morning', 'laxatives and sleeping pills', 'ketchup and bananas', 'ugliness and arrogance' and, naturally, 'a wife and a mistress.'

The last word
A cryptic tweet from filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt: 'India is indeed at a critical stage. Everything contributes to sadden people of good will. Let us stand by one another and do justice to all.'

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