After the success of Emraan Hashmi's latest film, buzz is that Ekta Kapoor has vowed to offer at least one film every year to the actor

Emraan Hashmi seems to be currently occupying a position in Bollywood that many could kill to be in. Buzz is that the actor who was called the 'common man's star' by director Dibakar Banerjee has impressed Ekta Kapoor so much that the producer has vowed to cast him in at least one film every year.

Says Ekta, "Emraan attracts the masses like only few other actors these days can. It has proven true for most of his previous films. Plus he is a fab person to work with."

With the success of his recently released The Dirty Picture and with Ekta's promise, it looks like Emraan will never be out of job! He has already signed two Balaji productions including Milan Lutharia's Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai 2 and Vishal Bhardwaj's Daayan.

Talking about the actor who has graduated further from being just the Smooch King of Bollywood,
Tanuj Garg of Balaji says, "He is among the most disciplined, rooted and professional stars who enjoy incredible mass popularity. We look forward to working together on more projects with him."

Adds a source, "There are hardly a handful of good actors in the industry, and Ekta is extremely impressed by Emraan's work.

So when you catch hold of someone like him, it's only fair to give him an opportunity whenever possible. So they are more than confident of casting him in as many projects as possible in future because he is versatile and exactly what a producer would want."

It wouldn't be a surprise if Emraan shifts his loyalties from the Bhatt parivaar to the Kapoor khandan. Either way, it seems to be a win-win situation for him.