Onion traders: unseasonal rains damaged crop

Apr 06, 2014, 06:23 IST | Richa Pinto

Onion traders seem to be immensely disappointed with the damaged produce, which has reached the Agricultural Produce and Marketing Committee (APMC) in Vashi off late.

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The traders say the recent hailstones and unseasonal rains are to be blamed for it. What worries them most, however, is that it may not be possible to stock the produce which is generally stored in sheds between April and October in various parts of Maharashtra as the produce is no longer of the ‘long lasting’ quality.

The APMC market, while the damaged produce is being sold anywhere between Rs 2-5 a kilo, the super quality is being brought by middlemen anywhere close to Rs 11-13 a kg. Meanwhile senior officials at APMC said that as there is a bumper crop this year, the price of onions may not escalate like it had last year.

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