Open letter to PM on Facebook with 'Fugly' as reference

A lady in an open letter on Facebook directed towards prime minister Modi, uses the film Fugly as reference

Several films, commenting on social issues, come and go. However now that most viewers are active on social networking sites, some end up being part of a bigger cause. The recent example being Grazing Goat Pictures’s Fugly.

A grab of an open letter aimed at the prime minister posted online
A grab of an open letter aimed at the prime minister posted online 

A lady, who’s clearly impressed with the film’s storyline that harps on raising questions about the functioning of the system to the government, has written an open letter to the prime minister about corruption and other malaise in the country. This cinephile went to the extent of mentioning the film in her post addressed to the PM.

Jimmy Shergill plays a cop in 'Fulgy'
Jimmy Shergill plays a cop in 'Fulgy'

“In this particular post, the online user has mentioned the necessity of conducting enquiry commission that is open to public so that the people know what exactly is going on inside. The idea behind this demand has clearly sprung from the user’s admission that she has watched Fugly recently,” says a source.

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