Operation can wait, exam can't: HSC student who broke both legs


HSC student Ankit Yadav fractured both his legs in a bike accident, says he will undergo surgery after his board exams are over

While every student faces challenges during board exams, Ankit Yadav (16) never imagined that a bike ride would became a cause of complication.

Ankit Yadav’s father (left) and uncle (carrying him) took him to his centre in Borivali for his English paper yesterday
Ankit Yadav’s father (left) and uncle (carrying him) took him to his centre in Borivali for his English paper yesterday

The HSC student from science stream fractured both his legs, the only day he decided to take his bike. He was on his way to college to give his practical exams on February 15, five days before his written exams start.

However, the sheer will and determination to continue made Ankit travel all the way from Dahisar to his Borivli centre, Gopalji Hemraj High School, on Friday to sit for his first exam. Ankit’s father, Shivkumar Yadav said, “I was in my village when I heard that Ankit met with a bike accident. I immediately rushed back to the city.

The doctors have advised him to undergo operation, but that meant that he would have to miss his exams. So we’ve decided to wait till his exams get over on March 10.” Ankit, student of Vidyabhushan Junior College said, “I never imagined that I would end up with a fracture on both my legs. I was rushed to Shree Krishan Hospital in Kandivli.

My college has been extremely supportive and allowed me to take my practical exam after being discharged from the hospital. The injury is mainly on my left leg, right is not that severe. However, there is a lot of swelling and the doctors have put plaster on both the legs.”

Talking about his upcoming exams, Ankit said, “I can’t sit upright, so I study lying down. After my English paper, I have only five papers left, after which I’ll go for my operation. My uncle brought me to my centre in an auto rickshaw and carried me in his arms till my exam hall.”


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