Operation honey bee successful

Nov 01, 2011, 08:20 IST | Priyanka Vora

After the pleas of Rajawadi hospital authorities fell on deaf ears, locals from the area got rid of a honeycomb that had caused panic in one of its wards

Doctors and patients at the civic-run Rajawadi hospital, Ghatkopar (East) were witness to an unusual operation yesterday. A few doctors and locals managed to successfully get rid of the bees and the honeycomb from the hospital building by conducting 'Operation Honey Bee'. 

No more sting: Bees at the civic hospital were driven away by a few
locals, after the civic authorities failed to respond to the requests made
by the hospital management

At 9 pm on Sunday, patients anxiously peeping from the windows watched the bees being driven away from their home, which they had built on the hospital parapet, in a two-hour operation.

MiD DAY had reported on Monday ('Bees cause panic in city hospital') about the chaos the bees had created when they invaded the ladies ward in the night. One person was stung and the 20-odd patients had to take temporary cover in the gynaecology ward.

"The comb was close to the window on the fourth floor of the hospital building and suddenly the bees came out and entered the ward. We have shifted the patients back to the original ward and no patient has been hurt," said Dr Manohar Bhaskar, Medical Superintendent of Rajawadi hospital. "No one had spotted the comb, or else we would have taken necessary precautions to get rid of it," added Dr Bhaskar.

On Saturday, the hospital authorities, however, spent anxious moments when they requested civic authorities
for help.

The civic authorities were clueless and informed the doctors that they were not trained nor did they have the necessary equipment to get rid of the bees. "The police, disaster management cell of BMC, fire brigade and various non governmental organisations could not help the hospital, when they were called for help.  Luckily, we found this man from the area, who knew how to remove the bees," said Dr Bhaskar.

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