Opposition: CCTV footage doctored

After IT department of BBMP handed over 'official' CCTV footage of premises on the night the fire damaged documents at BMTF station, opposition insists footage is tampered with
Three days after a mysterious fire broke out at the BBMP office, some shocking facts came to light yesterday. Even as the cold war between the BMTF chief and the BBMP commissioner is far from being resolved, the IT department of the palike handed over the 'official' CCTV footage related to the night of the blaze.

A fire engine outside the BBMP office where the fire struck on Saturday night. Thirty-three CCTV cameras are installed at the BBMP head office and the BMTF station is also equipped with the same technology

However, upon viewing the footage, the opposition insists that the video has clearly been doctored. They have now demanded a CBI probe into the matter to expose whoever is behind the alleged act of arson and are dubbing it as a cover up to the scam.

"We are sure that BBMP officials and the ruling palike have a hand in this. That's why they have provided 'doctored footage'. We demand a CBI probe into the entire episode. We have lost faith in BMTF, CID and Lokayukta," said M Uday Shankar, opposition leader, BBMP.

The CCTV footage, handed over by the IT department does not show anyone moving around suspiciously on the night the fire occurred. The video only shows BBMP control room officials rushing to the spot after thick smoke began emerging from the BMTF station.

Among the documents reportedly damaged in the blaze are some files pertaining to a storm water drain scam and the 2010 computer scam.

Reacting to the allegations made by the opposition, the IT department defended themselves.

"Our department has executed its work impartially since it is a matter of our prestige as well. We wanted to provide vital clues through everything we had and there is simply no chance that the footage was tampered with, since I personally monitored the entire process," said P Sheshadri, chairman, IT department BBMP.

Thirty-three CCTV cameras are installed at the BBMP head office and the BMTF station is also equipped with the same technology.

Fire extinguishers are present in all the blocks of the head office since this is the second time a fire has broken out in the main office.
Despite the opposition demanding a CBI probe, BBMP Commissioner H Siddaiah has insisted that the special seven-member committee probe the fire mishap and a report is expected in the next 15 days.

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