Oprah Winfrey revealed secret behind famous 'Love Sandwich'

“One day there was some pepper Jack cheese in the refrigerator, and there was some turkey in there, and there were some avocados on the table. It became the Love Sandwich because I first started making it just for Stedman,” the Huffington Post quoted her as saying.

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey

“I’ve only made it for a couple of other people, so if you’ve had me make the Love Sandwich for you, you have to be somebody I really care about. I think anything that you do should be done with the utmost care – it’s like giving a part of yourself.

“So when I’m sauteing the little scallions and I’m slicing the avocado and making sure -- because he likes his tomatoes thin—that the tomatoes are perfectly thin, it’ll all be done with love. That’s why we call it the Love Sandwich,” she added. 

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