Former al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden's (in pic) widow Amal Ahmad has reportedly started a hunger-strike, demanding her release from custody in Pakistan.

Amal, one of the three widows, has started the hunger-strike, claiming that her detention is unlawful. She has also declared that she will continue her hunger-strike till she is released. Her hunger strike call came hours after Pakistan announced that bin Laden's other two wives will travel back to their native country Saudi Arabia within one week.

But, Amal would not be allowed to travel to Yemen because of the refusal of Yemeni authorities to accept her. A source added that Amal maybe offered a new home in Qatar.

Amal's brother Ahmed Zakriya has also confirmed the reports and revealed that Amal had started the hunger-strike. All three of Bin Laden's wives were held in Pakistan after the raid in May that killed their husband, and since then they were under the detention of Pakistan's security agencies.