Oscar Pistorius' defence team picks flaws in police photographs

Pretoria: Oscar Pistorius' defence team yesterday picked through the testimony of a police photographer, who took images of the bloodied crime scene where the Paralympian shot dead his girlfriend.

Oscar Pistorius in court at Pretoria, SA yesterday. Pic/AFP
Oscar Pistorius in court at Pretoria, SA yesterday. Pic/AFP 

Defence lawyer Barry Roux accused police photographer Bennie van Staden of "great disturbance" for moving evidence, and pointed out suspicious timing overlaps that seemed to contradict his testimony.

Pictures imperfect
Van Staden, who often seemed like an accused in the dock himself, moved bloodied towels and a duvet which he said was to check for evidence beneath the objects, but always took pictures of the original scene.

This did not deter Roux, who has hammered away with the argument that police bungles tainted the crime scene so much that the evidence cannot be used against Pistorius.

"How does it happen there was such great disturbance in that scene?" he asked about pictures showing that bedsheets had been moved.

He also said metadata on crime scene photos suggested a "great overlap" in the times photographers documented the scene, contradicting testimony that they worked separately.

Staden unsteady?
"You were taking photos together in the bedroom and bathroom," Roux told police photographer Bennie van Staden, who had earlier testified that he was alone when he documented the bathroom where Reeva Steenkamp was shot dead.

Pistorius (27) is fighting charges of Steenkamp's premeditated murder, saying he shot the model four times through a locked toilet door thinking she was an intruder.

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