Dear Diana,
A few days ago, I was at a ice lolly stall in my neighbourhood. It was late afternoon and the heat had got to me. I ordered for a lime lolly. As I waited for my order, I saw this girl at the cart. In a second, I felt attracted to her. I kept looking at her. Realising it, she felt conscious and moved away. She was with her friends and we kept looking at each other. When they left, I tailed them till they entered a housing complex in the vicinity. Ever since, I have been going to the ice lolly cart every other day hoping to see her again. This girl haunts me. How do I know who she is? I think she is the girl for me. I have been visiting the ice lolly and juice centre at different timings, but to no avail. How do I know where exactly she lives? Thanks to my frequent trips to the centre, the attendants have realised what is on my mind. One of the extra friendly guys at the cart tells me she does visit regularly, but our paths have not crossed.
— Vickrant

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Vickrant,
You may feel it is love at first sight, but you don't know who she is. Nor are you aware what is on her mind. Just because your eyes met does not mean anything. Like you, she must have been parched and looking for a quencher. By landing at the ice lolly and juice centre all the time, you sure are giving good business to them. Instead of planning a future with the girl, try to find out who she is. If you feel she is a regular at the outlet, you can find out from the attendant, who you have befriended, around what time she usually frequents the place. But do not stalk her or you will get into trouble. The next time you see her, smile and then, may be, start a conversation.