Our family is confident of his victory, says Narendra Modi's brother

Ahead of the result-day tomorrow, Pralhad Modi says he and his family are confident that his elder brother, "a boy from an ordinary family", is set to become the Prime Minister.

"Our family is overjoyed...we cannot express this happiness in words. A boy from an ordinary family, a down-to-earth person, is to be anointed as chief of Hindustan's sultanate," said Pralhad, younger brother of BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi. File pic

"I myself witnessed people's overwhelming support (to Modi). Besides, exit polls are also predicting Narendra bhai's victory. That is why our family is so confident of his victory," he said, talking to PTI here.

Pralhad further said his family did not profess any claim over Modi now.

"Our family does not profess any claim over him...whose life has remained dedicated. Now the people of India have their claim on him," Prahlad said.

When Modi, as a youngster, left the home, it caused pain to the family, but now the family was "happier than ever", he said.

"We hope that going beyond the blood relations and following 'the sanskars' of our elders, parents and family, he will make attempt to share people's pain and agony and serve them well," he said, adding like he provided guidance and changed the fortunes of Gujarat, he will do the same for the country.

Pralhad, who heads association of fair-price and kerosene shop owners in Gujarat, had defended Narendra Modi when the controversy over his marital status erupted.

Modi left his family to become an RSS pracharak in his youth and has not maintained close ties with the family since then.

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