Our first superstar

Reports of Bollywood superstar Rajesh Khanna being unwell and not eating sparked a series of tweets expressing concern.┬áMP Singh tweeted: ‘Rajesh Khanna’s Kati Patang made me his fan for life! Get well soon, Babu Moshai!’ In the words of Sanket Rathi: ‘Get well soon, Rajesh Khanna, The Superstar in the era when every other actor wasn’t one!’ Not everyone was as serious though.

Angry Bombay Girl, for instance, tweeted: ‘Rajesh Khanna is unwell. Did he finally just see all of Akshay Kumar’s recent movies?’ Someone using the handle Fake News added: ‘Government to offer Rajesh Khanna free treatment if he agrees to partner Leander Paes in the Olympics.’

The battle continues
Congress leader Rashid Alvi also clogged timelines after describing Mulayam Singh Yadav as the ‘biggest agent’ of the BJP. Sudeep Sengupta reacted to that report with this comment: ‘Breaking News: Rashid Alvi and Digvijay Singh to star in the much awaited superhit sequel Karan Arjun Dwitiyee.’ Ramesh Srivats added: ‘Rashid Alvi calls Mulayam Singh Yadav a BJP agent. Quite possible. After all, currently, nobody in the BJP seems to be a BJP agent.’ And from Funny Bombay Girl: ‘Rashid Alvi wants Ram Gopal Verma to make a movie titled Agent Mulayam.’

No more tunes
Reports of Channel V abandoning music for more general entertainment content prompted Hilonee to tweet: ‘Wait. What? They had/have music content?’ Rohit Iyer jumped in with this comment: ‘Now that Channel V is a GEC, they should make a show out of the Leander Rohan Mahesh saga. Call it Tennis Menace Haaye Rabba!’ Comedian Praveen added: ‘That awkward moment when Channel V and MTV celebrate Music Day.’

The last word
From journalist Rajdeep Sardesai: ‘Hindi channels focussing on kid trapped in borewell; English on who will play Olympics. Different strokes for different folks!’

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