Out of the closet

Q Fest 2011 is a weekend of film screenings, theatre, music, poetry and discussions that deal with understanding the LGBT community in public spaces

Called Being Seen Being Heard, this edition of Q Fest 2011, is conducted by 2004 Pune organisation Open Space, which conducts workshops, film screenings and provides a space for coffee and conversation. Its core values, however, lie in trying to provide a creative jump start to folks for initiatives that can propel social change.

Q Fest 2011, looks at how queer people see themselves today vis- -vis a society that is only beginning to recognise their rights. While Q Fest has traditionally worked closely with theatre production houses, musicians and poets, a new addition to this year's two day line-up includes two films that deal with society's changing perceptions towards the LGBT community.

The first is a Slovakian film called 'Take It or Break It'. Directed by Slovenians Masa Zia Lenardic and Anja Wutej the film comprises of a series of animations that questions notions of gender, sexuality and identity. Battling with stereotypes, the film is able to touch on some very pertinent ideas and urges us to rethink of what we understand about homosexuality and life.

The second film, Mudra Shodh has been directed by Pune based filmmaker Sunetro Lahiri and is based on Mahesh Dattani's play Dance Like a Man. The film depicts the plight of a man, who pursues the profession of a becoming a classical dancer and is a refreshingly mature take on the eternal fight against cultural and gender hegemony.

At: Moolgaonkar Hall, Pune
On: December 10 and 11, 12 pm to 8pm

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