New Delhi:The Delhi Metro has rendered immediate medical assistance to more than 1,850 passengers since January 2012, an official statement said Sunday.

"The assistance provided by the Delhi Metro staff (inside trains and at stations) ranges from administering first aid to taking ailing passenger to the nearest hospital by ambulance," a Delhi Metro statement said.

"They have also been provided with wheel chairs and stretchers as per the need."

Of these, approximately 100 cases have been of heart-related ailments, around 340 related to chest, stomach or abdominal pain. Other cases include fainting while travelling, giddiness and dehydration during summers.

"In these cases, the ailing passengers have been rushed to the nearest hospital and Metro personnel have accompanied them in case, they were travelling alone or their accompanying passengers required further assistance. In case of passengers falling down, immediate first aid has been provided," the statement said.

To ensure quick assistance in such situations, all Metro staff undergo a week-long training in first aid as part of their basic training programme.

Additionally, all Metro stations have contact details of nearby hospitals and ambulance services. Commuters can also contact the Delhi Metro helpline - 155370 - for any assistance and also use the services of the Passenger Emergency Alarm.