A stockbroker from New York is suing fast food chain White Castle over claims that he could not fit in a booth at the chain's restaurant in Nanuet, New York

Martin Kessman, a 64-year-old 290 lbs stockbroker also claims that White Castle offered him three free hamburgers in response to three separate complaints, but he still had to pay for extra cheese.

According to the New York Post, Kessman alleges in the lawsuit filed by him at Manhattan federal court that the fast food chain broke its promise of making the booths bigger.

"They're stationary booths," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

"I'm not humongous (but) I'm a big guy. I could not wedge myself in," he stated.

The stockbroker claims to have hurt his knee after knocking it against a metal support bar on the table and filed a complaint to the company headquarters.

"There were no tables and chairs that could accommodate a person that merely wanted to sit down and eat his meal," he said.