Oxford Dictionary gets hip with Quidditch

Apr 13, 2017, 10:38 IST | Agencies

London: Quidditch, a fantasy sport played in Harry Potter franchise, along with words like ‘showmance’ are among over 40 new additions in the latest update of the Oxford Dictionary.

The non-magical iteration of Quidditch has been around for a little over ten years, and is played with broomsticks held between the legs. Also escaping the realms of fiction is the word cromulent - meaning “acceptable or adequate” - which was first used over 20 years ago in The Simpsons as a descriptor of the word ‘embiggen’ used in an engraving on a statue of the town founder.

Similarly straddling the line between reality and fiction is the new word ‘showmance’. This refers to a romantic relationship between co-stars, but contrived for publicity.

Latte art was also included, along with cli-fi, which refers to the genre of fiction exploring issues around climate change.

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