Painting the world with spray cans

Over time, he has helmed several projects that have made graffiti more popular. The 40-year-old artist was in Mumbai for the first time and his artwork on a massive canvas of 8 ft by 10 ft is on display. CS takes glimpse at his life:

Desi videsi
It's like a dream come true to be in India. I always wanted to visit this country in particular because as an artist, you always look for inspiration. To me, India represents originality with her rich history, ambiguous present and hopeful future. I’ll be travelling back to this part of the world more often. My stay in Mumbai has been great, it's actually an eye-opener.

Journey so far
When I began 22 years ago, graffiti was very new and I had to struggle to get noticed. Many people even considered it a cheap form of entertainment. But my passion has been rewarding. Being a self-employed artist is always a challenge, but you get to do things your way. I’ve been globe-trotting and have met people interested in my kind of work.

The age-old art form
Graffiti was always present in human history beginning with the cave paintings. Today, there are people who don’t like our approach and claim that we ruin public places with our art. But you can’t please everyone! A graffiti artist loves to prove himself. The only difference between a graffiti artist and a regular painter is that the former strives to create his own brand of art.

The writing’s on the wall
An artist always has a motive. The same is true about me or, for that matter, any other graffiti artist. My work resonates with the world and the society I inhabit. It could be an instrument of change because my designs and work are not just a statement but also a representation of the way things are. 

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