Pair of twins will run neighbouring counties in Washington as sherrifs!

Washington: Things could get confusing when people talk about Sheriff Snaza in southwest Washington as twin brothers will hold the title in neighbouring Thurston and Lewis counties. With this week’s election, Lewis County sheriff’s office veteran Rob Snaza won the top job, while his twin brother, John Snaza, is already the sheriff in Thurston County.

(Top and bottom) Rob and John Snaza
(Top and bottom) Rob and John Snaza

According to John, he plans to dive straight into the job and is excited to work with the community, county government and cities to provide the best service possible. He has served in the Lewis County sheriff’s office for more than 20 years.

(Top and bottom) Rob and John Snaza

John is also part of the Regional Drug Task Force and Marine Patrol and is the SWAT team commander for the Sheriff's Office. He has more than 2,000 hours of law enforcement training. And, of course, he has an identical twin.

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