New Delhi: The FIH president Leandro Negre today said that disciplinary committee of the parent body could hand out a stiffer punishment to the Pakistani hockey players Md Tousiq and Ali Amjad for making obscene gestures post their Champions Trophy semi-final win against India.

The International Hockey Federation initially let two Pakistani players off with a warning before Hockey India's strong protest led to the two offenders being banned for the final against Germany.

"Whenever such a situation arises, the technical director of the tournament takes the final call. The correct decision was taken after watching the videos and photos of the Pakistani players' celebrations.

The matter is with the disciplinary committee now and it will decide what more action needs to be taken against the players," FIH top boss Negre told PTI today.

Reacting to Pakistan coach Shahnaz Sheikh's allegations that it was an "Indian conspiracy", behind punishing his players, Negre said that it was Sheikh's personal view.

"What the Pakistani coach has said is his view. I have my own opinion on the matter. The reaction of the Pakistani players was not polite at all. It was rather provocative. The FIH did exactly what they had to do and took the right decision (to ban two players)," Negre added.

While Tousiq and Amjad were banned for the final,a third player at the centre of controversy -- Shafqat Rasool -- was let off with a warning.

Olympian Shahnaz, after reaching Pakistan, said the team was forced to tender an unconditional apology after Hockey India pressurised FIH to take action strict against players, adding that the hosts did all of this to dampen the team's spirits before the final the following day.