Pak's involvement in terror acts against India `longstanding', claims former diplomat

Jun 26, 2015, 15:39 IST | ANI

New Delhi: Former diplomat Rajiv Dogra on Thursday said Pakistan's involvement in acts of terror against India has been longstanding and has continued with the active participation of the state actors.

'The fact is that Pakistan's involvement in acts of terror in India has been longstanding and has continued with active involvement of the state actors,' Dogra told ANI.

The former diplomat added that all the major incidents that he talks about in his book, 'Where Borders Bleed: An Insider's Account of Indo-Pak Relations', had a reference to some prominent Pakistani writer or analyst.

'In the 1993 Bombay blast, where I have quoted that Nawaz Sharif knew about it because he was the Prime Minister at that time, there is a clear evidence in the book by a previous chairman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, Muneer Ahmed Khan, where he writes that Ghulam Ishaq Khan, who was then the President of Pakistan, castigated and admonished Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of that time that by ISI's involvement in the Bombay blast he was taking a huge risk for the country,' said Dogra.

'He (Ghulam Ishaq Khan) also went on to say that he was surprised that Pakistan was giving state guest treatment to Memon brothers, who had fled from India and via Dubai had gone to Karachi to settle there,' he added.

Dogra also recalled that he was present at a dinner at Karachi where the Memon brothers were also brought in.'When they saw me, they ran away from that party,' he quipped.

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