Pakistan players wear black arm bands in World Cup Kabaddi

Dec 18, 2014, 07:08 IST | PTI

Chandigarh: Pakistan players today wore black arm bands during a match in the ongoing World Cup Kabbadi tournament being held in Punjab to pay homage to the children killed in a brutal terror attack on a Peshawar school.

The Kabbadi players demonstrated their solidarity with the aggrieved families during league matches of 5th World Cup Kabbadi and observed two minute silence to mourn the brutal killings of school kids by terrorists in Peshawar town.

During introduction session with players of Pakistan and Argentina today as part of the Kabbadi match between the two teams at Amritsar, Baljit Singh Jalalusma, MLA, and other officials observed silence for 2 minutes along with players and the spectators to mourn this heinous act and prayed to almighty to grant peace to the departed souls.

The Pakistan Kabbadi team players demonstrated their anguish by wearing black bands while playing their match with Argentina.

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