Pakistan's first indigenous drone kills 3 top militants

Peshawar: Pakistan's military today deployed an indigenously-made armed drone for the first time to attack a militant compound in the restive northwestern tribal region, killing at least three "high-profile" terrorists, joining a select group of countries possessing the advanced technology.

The pilotless aircraft Burraq destroyed the rebel hideout in Shawal area of North Waziristan near the Afghanistan border.

"The first-ever use of Pakistan-made Burraq drone today hit a terrorist compound in Shawal Valley killing three high profile terrorists," Military spokesman Major General Asim Bajwa tweeted.

The remotely-piloted aircraft 'Burraq' and laser-guided missile 'Burq' were tested on March 14, taking Pakistan a step
closer to acquiring the technology it has long demanded from the US.

Pakistan had announced the successful test flight of the 'Burraq' drone, which is capable of firing laser-guided missiles, in March, joining a handful of other countries in possessing the technology. Presently only few countries, namely US, UK, Israel and China possess drones capable of delivering missiles.

The Pakistan military has been battling militants in Shawal as part of an offensive launched in June 2014 in North Waziristan, a longtime stronghold of al-Qaida and other armed groups along the Afghan border.

Pakistan started working on its drones after US drones, operated by CIA, sometimes killed civilians in tribal region,
sparking anger in the country. Pakistan opposes US drone attacks and frequently lodges protests over it but America has
refused to stop them.

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