Pakistan school attack: 100 students were gunned down in auditorium

The Pakistani army organised a guided tour for media persons of the school campus, including the auditorium where students were being trained in first aid and medical emergencies. The entire building wore a ghastly look with blood-stained floors of deserted buildings depicting the horror of the attack. Windowpanes were broken and walls bore bullet marks.


Mediapersons were shown the school bags, shoes, handbags, mobile phones and other belongings of the victims. Bajwa said militants massacred about 100 students in the auditorium. They shot those who tried to escape, he added.

The spokesman said the principal of the school who had locked himself inside a bathroom was killed in a blast when a hand grenade was hurled at him through a ventilator.

Pakistan yesterday held mass funerals for the victims, many of whose bodies were pulled from the school still wearing their green uniforms drenched in blood. People offered prayers for the dead while they also wished for early recovery of those injured in the bloodshed. The TTP has claimed the attack as revenge for an army operation, saying they wanted the army to “feel the pain” they had felt at losing loved ones.

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