Pakistani actress Veena Malik retires from commercial film industry

Karachi: Pakistani actress Veena Malik said she is retiring from the commercial film industry but would continue to act in movies with religious and social messages.

Veena Malik
Veena Malik

Malik, 29, announced from Mecca after performing Umrah that she would no longer act in masala films. "As far as the entertainment industry is concerned, I will continue to engage in any project which aims for welfare or social development. But I will not be part of any new films from here on," she said.

"Well-wishers from all over the globe, whether east or west, India or Pakistan, have been congratulating and blessing us with their prayers," she added. Malik, who married Dubai-based Pakistani businessman Asad Bashir Khan last year, performed Umrah with her husband and his family.

The actress recently appeared on a television show in which she announced that she had changed her lifestyle after coming into contact with Maulana Tariq Jameel.

  • Indian27-Jan-2014

    Sau chuhey khakey billy Haj ko chali (After eating 100 rats, cat went for pilgrimage) This quote totally fits her LOL

  • Gulsher21-Feb-2014

    I love you

  • Aatif Khan05-Mar-2014

    Alhumdulillah... Allah Ka Shukr Hai... Indeed, Veena Malik HAS FORGIVEN BY ALLAH. Anyways .Dair Se Aaye Par Durusr Aaye..:) Thank A LOT ALLAH ... THANKS MAULANA TARIQ JAMIL SAHAB.

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