Pakistanis held in Britain for plotting another 9/11

Sep 27, 2011, 19:18 IST | Agencies

A six-member gang of suspected Pakistani-origin suicide bombers have been arrested for plotting a terror attack in Britain similar to 9/11, police said.

However, no specific targets were identified when the men were produced at the West London Magistrates' Court Monday, The Sun reported.

Irfan Khalid, 26, Irfan Nasser, 30, and Ashik Ali, 26, are accused of plotting to be suicide bombers and recruiting others for terrorist training.

Nasser and Khalid are also charged with travelling to Pakistan for terrorism training.

Rahin Ahmed, 25, is accused of helping others get training and for collecting money to fund terrorist acts.

Ashik Ali's brother Bahader, 28, is charged with allowing money or property to be available for terrorism.

The men are all from Birmingham. They have been remanded to custody to appear in court again next month.

Tapes revealed the group had practised making bombs and poisons at a training camp in Pakistan, the court heard.

One suspect was allegedly recorded as saying: "This is revenge for everything they're doing. It is another 9/11."

The gang planned to drive around Britain to make suicide strikes on various targets, the court heard.

The plot was reportedly drawn in revenge for cartoons of Prophet Mohammed that appeared in a Danish newspaper.

Police said the men aimed to fund their operation with money raised for a Muslim charity. But the plan backfired after the gang gambled away thousands of pounds on the stock exchange.

The gang allegedly collected cash from Muslims during Ramadan, claiming to be raising funds for charity. Police found five buckets containing 1,500 pounds in raids.

The gang also made "martyr videos". One suspect allegedly recorded a warning, saying "suicide bombs on the streets, spilling so much blood you won't believe it".

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