Vivek Ghule
Vivek Ghule

A group of goons illegally carrying sand fled after brutally attacking a mining department officer and trying to run over him with their car on Tuesday at Palghar. A case has been registered at Virar police station against unknown accused.

The incident occurred around 3.30 pm on Tuesday near the Tansa River, close to Chandip village in Virar. Sources said Palghar district mining officer Vivek Ghule caught two dumpers who were carrying sand illegally.

'No driving licence'
"The dumper was carrying a consignment of sand illegally mined from the area. When I asked them to show their documents, they didn't have any for the dumper or the sand. They were not even carrying their driving licence," said Ghule.

"While a team was interrogating the driver, two people arrived in a car and forced me to release the dumper. When I refused to do so, they abused me. I tried to record their actions on my phone, but the accused snatched it and began assaulting me by holding my shirt collar. One of them also broke my glasses while trying to delete their recording from me phone. They were unable to unlock the phone. While I was held by my collar, the person in the car tried to run over me and threatened to kill me. I was forced to delete the recording."

Escape in chaos
Following the chaos, the accused escaped from the spot along with the dumper.

Ghule reported the incident to senior officials and later approached the Mandvi police station, where an FIR was registered.

Confirming the incident, sub divisional police officer Bajbale Jayant from Palghar district said, "Based on the complaint of the mining officer, we have registered a case against unknown accused and our investigations are on."

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