Pankaj scores in the fashion round

Nov 01, 2011, 08:46 IST | Avantika Patil

Be it playing snooker or looking a smash out, Pankaj Advani always manages to get his act right. The only Indian to have won international titles, both for billiards and snooker, Pankaj talks to CS about style, grooming and female fans:

Style check
According to me, a style statement is a very personal thing. Only I can understand my style and do justice to it. It reflects my personality and the inner me. I am a very neat person, but I dress simply. I don't complicate my life by experimenting with something I don't relate to just for the sake of being trendy. For example, on a Sunday outing, you will spot me wearing a checks shirt and white trouser and on a casual day, I'll be wearing a bright t-shirt and jeans. 

Play it neat
Whether or not to sport fashion while playing is a personal choice. However, it is definitely important to be properly dressed. Maybe, that is why sports and fashion have always been interrelated. When I am playing, I like to wear properly fitted shirt with slim pants. I believe it keeps my energy together and it makes me feel good. And because I feel good and confident, I play more confidently. I can never stand in front of the table looking shabby and casual. I take my sport and dressing quite seriously, you know.

Chikna Shahid
And it's not just the clothes I am talking about. I have always advocated a neat and clean shaven look. I think it is more classy and gentlemanly. Even girls like it and prefer it over the rustic look. Shahid Kapoor is the best example. He is always neatly dressed and well-groomed. I really like the way Shahid dresses up.

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