Parents of students of Scholar School in Colaba, on Thursday have complained against the school management for collecting capitation fee from parents under various heads.

Parents have alleged that the school has been collecting money for different services such as canteen, sports day, PTA fee, compulsory karate class fee and admission fee. After discussions with school management proved futile, parents have now approached the office of Deputy Director of Education.

While it has been time and again made clear to schools that charging fees under different heads other than prescribed fee chart for an entire academic year is not allowed as per the Capitation Fee Act, yet there have been several such reported cases. Parents of Scholar School have filed similar complaint on Wednesday.

Sandeep Jain, one of the parents told mid-day, "The school charges exorbitant fee and goes ahead hiking it every year. It is also minting money under different heads by charging for different services such as sports, canteen, PTA, fun and fair activity among all which are generally offered in all school without extra charges."

Talking about other complaints, another parents, Kaushal Pithadia, said, "School is making their bus service mandatory. No child is allowed to travel by private or public transport. For our children's annual day function, we (parents) had to buy tickets worth Rs.450 each. Each student was charged Rs.500 to participate in sports' day, Rs.250 was charged as PTA fee and the list goes on." Parents approached the school authorities with their complaints but after having reached to no conclusion, they have now approached the office of Deputy Director of Education.

When contacted Deputy Director of Education, B B Chavan, he was not aware of the complaint as yet and said, " My office must have received the complaint I will check with the office staff."

When contacted the school, staff members or school principal were unavailable for comments.