The funny Babubhaiya from Hera Pheri has proved himself as a versatile actor and can be certainly considered as someone whose word matters. "Ranbir Kapoor is The Future of our the industry," says Paresh Rawal. He shares his experiences from the film and theatre world:

Just for me
Normally, while acting in a play, I don't keep the commercial aspects in mind. I work on stage because of the satisfaction I get as an actor. For the commercial success, I have my films.

A place to act
Live entertainment will never fade away as people love watching live acts. A play is exhilarating for the mind and soul. However, to be able to enjoy it fully, you must have a good auditorium. In Mumbai, in spite of having a good crowd, there are hardly any good theatres like Tejpal, Nehru Centre, etc. If you look at Marathi plays, the scenario is the same. They have great scripts, actors as well as directors. But the theatres where they are performed at are mediocre.

Challenging self
I believe that if you love something then definitely you can take out time for it. It is also my need as an actor to experiment with myself and do some challenging work, because these days, you rarely get to do any in films. So, when challenges come my way as a stage performance, I grab them up.

The Bolly boys
I feel Ranbir Kapoor is an excellent actor. He has always been careful while choosing roles till date. And it's not because of his lineage, just plain intelligence. Apart from him, I also admire Abhay Deol's guts. I like his approach towards acting.