Paris Jackson's life may have been complicated by 'repeated media attention'

The teenage daughter of the late singer was rushed to hospital after an alleged attempted suicide.

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson. Pic/AFP

Mesereau told Daybreak that Michael was very protective of his kids and when he was gone, a tremendously public profile of these children is what replaced him, which means a lot of involvement with the media and with the entertainment world, the Daily Star reported.

He said that everywhere the kids went they were followed, examined, dissected and were criticised. He said that this seems to have caught up to Paris, asserting that she is a beautiful, brilliant, popular, kind-hearted, young girl who has some troubles that need to be addressed.

The lawyer said the teenage years were difficult, and unlike other youngsters, Paris had to deal with the added pressure of the repeated media attention. He added that any problems faced by her are magnified a thousand times by the media attention that her family has.

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