Party abhi baki hai

Jan 06, 2012, 07:49 IST | Avantika Patil

She's a queen and loves to be treated like one. So, it's no wonder that Bipasha Basu has warned the team of her upcoming release to celebrate her birthday over 11 days on their promotional tour.

The actor, who is presently in London partying with friends and gorging on yummy food, will land in Mumbai on her birthday morning -- Sunday, January 7. The Bong babe tells CS that she plans to gift herself a plush apartment with a swimming pool and an open kitchen this year. Here's more:

Who: Bipasha Basu
What: Talking about her birthday plans

Celebrating me
Birthdays are special to me. It's the day when I take some time out to introspect and count my blessings. Also, I love to celebrate without any inhibitions. In fact, my birthday celebrations go on till the end of January every year (laughs). So much so that most of my friends keep their X'mas trees and decorations on till January 7. I love such small gestures, and they mean a lot to me. I'm an attention seeker when it comes to my birthday. I want people to call and wish me; no one can afford to forget it. If they do, I get upset and sulk (laughs). And I'm an expert at putting them on a guilt trip!

Surprise, surprise
I love to be surprised on my B'day and my friends indulge me. So every year, there's a surprise party that I'm already in the know of. I just love pretending as if I'm surprised. It's better than being upset about not getting one. This year too, I've bullied them to throw me a surprise bash on the morning of January 7 when I land in the city. My friends are just speechless by my audacity (giggles). But truth be told, I am just insecure. What if they forget that it's my special day?

For Bips, with love 
I love receiving gifts, preferably expensive ones. But I am not mean enough to refuse inexpensive gifts. I like to be pampered on my birthday. But who doesn't? Jokes apart, I like gifts, especially diamonds. However, even a card or a scented candle can make my day. I truly believe that the thought behind the gift is more important than the gift itself.

On my birthday, my house is decked up with white and pink lilies, red balloons, scented candles and cards. People know that I love sponge cakes and hence gift them by the dozen. These things have almost become a tradition. After the formal cake cutting ceremony, it's a mad dance party with loud music. I party a lot, but only with family members and friends. That way, I can let loose without any worry.

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