A passenger on a JetKonnect flight from Mumbai to Rajkot wasn't allowed to board the flight even after issuing the boarding pass on Wednesday evening.

Flight number S2 4379 on Wednesday was scheduled to depart at 7pm when Sayed Asif was denied entry. Four passengers travelling along with Asif were allowed to board the flight, but while boarding the flight the airline staff allegedly told them that the flight was overbooked and Sayed couldn't be allowed to travel.

Rafiq Phudinawala, one of Sayed’s relative, alleged, “Though all the boarding cards were issued Sayed wasn’t allowed because they claimed the flight was overbooked.” Sayed is now looking for alternative flight to reach Rajkot, where his aunt is critically ill.

Phudinawala further added, “The duty manager of the airline who handled the entire episode and a senior customer relationship manager of the airline told Sayed’s followers (Sayed is believed to be a priest) to go away as she didn’t want to talk to them, and offered Rs 3000 as compensation to us.”

Responding to the allegations, Jet Airways spokesperson told mid-day, "As the flight in which guest Syed Asif was ticketed on was overbooked, an industry practice in anticipation of last minute cancellations, Jet Airways made alternate arrangements on a subsequent flight. Jet Airways regrets any inconvenience caused to its guest."