Passionate senior citizen has to fight to vote

Passion doesn't diminish with age. This adage was proved right by a senior Mumbaikar who fought tooth and nail to exercise his right to vote.

The incident occurred at a poll booth of Ward no 15 in Borivali (W) where the senior citizen had to fight officials before getting to vote.

61-year-old Suresh Naik arrived at polling booth no 13 in Borivali (W) in the morning armed with his ration card for identification. But polling officials didn't allow him to vote since his wife hadn't come along. Even his explanation that his wife had left for their native place a few days back in order to be a part of Maha-Shivratri celebrations there didn't satisfy them.

Sudhir Naik
Sudhir Naik. Pic/Nivedita Dargalkar

Naik stood his ground and argued his case and finally the authorities at the polling booth had to relent and allow him to get inked.

The acceptance of ration card as an identification proof for voting was included at the last minute by the authorities. But the ration card could be used only if all family members mentioned in the card were present at the same time for voting. However, sources claim that this last minute inclusion has created a lot of confusion at various polling booths.

Suresh Naik said, "How can I be denied the right to cast my vote just because my wife is not present at the time I am voting? I have a genuine case as my wife has left for our native place just a few days back."

The in-charge of polling booth 13, PN Mishra said, "The last-minute inclusion of ration cards as a proof for voting has created confusion at the booth. It is imperative for all family members to come collectively for voting if they are using ration card as a proof. We have deployed polling agents to keep a tab on such cases."

And while this gentleman got his way, there remains to be seen if others faced with the same problem manage to vote.

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