Past problems persist before Kanga League kicks off

The issue of Goregaon Sports Club refuses to die down even as the new season of the Dr HD Kanga Cricket League gets underway this Sunday.

Although the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) Managing Committee on Sunday decided to retain Goregaon Sports Club in Division E, BRD Cricket Club, which had lodged the protest feel justice is still not done.

The previous MCA Managing Committee had found Goregaon Sports Club guilty of playing three players in the last season without proper registration cards.

"Some players had cards with multiple names and one of the cards did not even have a photograph of the player. We lodged a protest with the MCA. In response, we got a letter from the MCA stating that Goregaon Sports Club has been relegated to Division F," said club owner Paresh Chandrana.

Recently, Goregaon Sports Club appealed to MCA president Sharad Pawar, who then decided to promote the club to Division D. However, after some office-bearers did not find the president's decision convincing, the issue was once again discussed in the Managing Committee on Sunday.

"Kanga League rule 7B-2 clearly states that the club has to be relegated. Ideally, the club has to be relegated. There was no gain for us in lodging this protest because our club anyway was in danger of relegation as we had less points. But such injustice is unacceptable," said Chandrana.

Souvenir vs Sportsfield tie on Saturday

The MCA's Managing Committee on Sunday decided to hold the limited-overs Plate group final tie of last season on Saturday, a day before the new season of Dr HD Kanga Cricket League starts. Souvenir Cricket Club won the protest against Khandala Cricket Club which paved their way into the final.

"However, all this happened while we never got any date from the MCA to hold the final match. It is important to note that any club match can only be played on a bank holiday or on a Sunday.

Seven of my players who are working will face difficulty in playing this all-important match. If the match is washed out then the winner will be decided on the toss. This is ridiculous. If this final is not given due importance, we will take the legal route," warned Souvenir CC's president Nadim Memon.

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