When a supermarket in the city decided to host famed Italian chef Gianfranco Angelillo to demonstrate some of the finest Italian fare, the food lovers of the city made a beeline for the event despite it being held on a busy Friday afternoon. The bespectacled chef, who had once famously said, that "there are 365 kinds of pasta for a year in Italy" is no stranger to India having conquered Delhi and Mumbai in his previous visits to the country.

Pears Cheese with Honey and Walnut

For Bangalore, he made Pesto Bruschetta with  Chopped Tomatoes, Pears Cheese with Honey and Walnut and Fusili with Mushroom Rago.

Chef Gianfranco Angelillo at work Pic/Nikita Nagesh

The chef used pasta made of durum wheat and shared valuable information on the art of European cuisine. After the cooking session, guests got to sample the dishes and the look of contentment on their faces said it all.

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