Payday pangs in Mumbai: Advance salary, mobile ATMs, hospitals go the whole hog for staffers

Doctors and other medical personnel are expected to be on call round the clock for the ill. And that means no luxury of time for them to stand in the long ATM and bank queues to withdraw or deposit money, the way almost every other citizen seems to be doing after the demonetisation.

Hence, some private hospitals in the city have come up with unique ideas to rescue their staffers today, when salary will hit their bank accounts.

Cash in advance
Jupiter Hospital plans to give their employees the pay in advance, if requested, for any emergency. “Like every month, we will deposit the salary in their bank accounts. So, if anyone doesn’t get the time to withdraw the money and can’t stand in a queue because of work, we will provide them with cash, which we will adjust in their next salary. We will give R2,000 to R5,000 to whosoever needs it urgently,” said Dr Ravindra, CEO of the hospital.

“Also, we had ATM mobile vans in our hospital, just to meet the withdrawal demand of patients and staffers. So, if the demand increases again, we will arrange for the vans again.”

Paytm plus
Nanavati Hospital too is offering cash in advance to staffers in need. They have also enabled Paytm, so that employees can save their cash instead of spending on snacks and other such items.

“We have enabled Paytm to pay for such small items. It will help people to hold on to their notes. Also, we have two ATMs on our premises, where cash is always available for the staff. As it is inside, not many from outside come in to withdraw money, which makes it easier for employees,” said Dr Rajendra Pata, CEO of the hospital.

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