'75 pc of city dwellers suffer from psychological disorder'

City-based psychiatrists, psychologists say that stress-related disorders such as anxiety, nervousness or depression are an outcome of stressful lives led by those residing in metros

In the wake of the recent road rampage in which state transport (ST) bus driver Santosh Mane killed eight and injured over 30 people in Swargate, city-based psychiatrists and psychologists say that close to 75 per cent of the population, especially in Pune and Mumbai, suffer from some form of psychological disorder that the victims may not be aware of.

Disaster in the making: Psychiatrists opine that the mechanisms to
cope with stress-related disorders such as anxiety, nervousness or
depression are on the decline. Representation Pic

Psychiatrists have opined that the mechanisms to cope with stress-related disorders such as anxiety, nervousness or depression are on the decline, causing murderous outbrusts of anger. In the city, where the number of cases among professionals seeking therapy for anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been on the rise, psychiatrists say that those within the age group of 18 and 40 are the most vulnerable.

Santosh Mane

"Stress-related disorders could be due to competition, peer pressure or lack of attention from people around. We at times find that people don't use their emotional quotient and even at slightest provocation they fume with anger," said Dr Bharat Sarode, adding that he attends to about 30 patients a day with different kinds of psychological disorders. "People in the city are emotionally immature," he added.

Dr Yusuf Matcheswala, who emphasises on both, psychological and psycho-somatic disorders that relate to physical disorders, said that citizens were prone to some or the other kind of stress-related disorders other than anxiety.

It includes obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), nervous breakdown and other emotional disorders due to rapidly changing lifestyle in cities. "Various studies have shown that close to 75 per cent of people living in metropolitan cities suffer from psychological disorders. It is due to pressures that we have built within ourselves, the kind of lives we lead with no time to sleep, eat, pray or play. Many people despite being aware of their disorders avoid treatment. From outside, they might appear normal, but from within they suffer," said Dr Matcheswala.

"Though stress-related problems are on the rise, some studies have shown that only one out of every five individuals suffers from acute disorders at least once in their lifetime. The percentage of patients in Pune or Mumbai will be more than that of Shimla, because in a major city are mainly related to lifestyle and personality. It is best to seek treatment as early as possible," said psychiatrist Dr Bushan Shukla.

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