Peek into closed eyes

What: Today being World Sight Day, we showcase photographs by the visually challenged and speak to a man who made non-retinal art recognisable in the city — Partho Bhowmick. He shares that it was in early 2004 that he discovered the works of Evgen Bavcar, a well-known visually challenged photographer. Sighted himself, Bhowmick undertook the challenge of teaching the impaired. He informs, “Photography by the blind is ground zero of photography. It’s a part of the international disability art movement know as non-retinal art culture. It is aimed to interrupt the monocular perception and point of view, of the view and enrich art by another approach, by another gaze.”

While going around the place I can feel the change of temperature. It suggested the contract of light. I wanted to capture “light within darkness.” As the movement of the man was described to me, I could capture more than what I wanted — Raju Singh, Student

From the In Touch With Green Series that was exhibited at Sankara Eye Hospital, Bengaluru

How: Bhowmick underscores a few challenges en route to taking a class, “Initially, making them believe that they too, can take pictures and retaining their interest in photography by engaging them with different ways to take and make pictures.” Bhowmick relays the equipment that is usually used: “We use a wide range of cameras — point and shoot camera (digital and film), SLR and even professional pinhole camera. Also some are exposed and work in traditional black-and-white dark rooms,” informs Bhowmick. The enterprising photographer started the Blind With Camera school in 2010. As a process, the sighted and the impaired form a couple where the view is described to the challenged. So the photograph that one sees is first born in the mind of the impaired as an image; which later, when clicked, becomes a reunion of the physical and mental.

I had a lot of sound around me, to point the camera. This is one of my random clicks. — Bhavesh Patel, Student

Without any tips, I was asked to photograph the visually impaired kids playing in a room. I had only sound to base my judgment, I used my ‘mind’ to capture the noise. – Rahul Shirsat, Student

Where: For the sighted, blindfold photography sessions are also held where the visually impaired conduct classes. At Blind Sight Foundation, Rameshwar Towers 1, Wing B, Flat No. 1202, New Golden Nest Phase XI -XII, 100 Feet Road, Bhayander (E). call 9821474731    

It may be interesting to dream this image with ‘closed eyes’ but it was even more exciting to create it with traditional multiple exposure by imagining it with my open eyes with limited sight. — Raju Singh

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