Pele: I may come out of retirement for Brazil

Apr 15, 2016, 08:14 IST |

Rio de Janeiro: Brazil football legend Pele yesterday joked that he just might make a return from retirement to help his country win the gold in Olympic football.


The 75-year-old never had the opportunity to represent Brazil at the Olympics and an Olympic gold medal is one thing that is missing from his trophy collection.

"The only title Brazil doesn't have is the Olympic tournament champion.

"The only tournament I never played because I was professional was the Olympics. Now, we're going to have the Olympics in Brazil," said Pele.

"I think I'm going to prepare to play this Olympics. Maybe I'll win this championship for Brazil. In five months, I have to be prepared for that!" he joked.

Pele's heir Neymar is expected to captain the national team to glory as they try to come out of the disappointment of the 2014 World Cup when Germany destroyed them 7-1 in the semi-finals.

"I hope Brazil has more luck and more chances to win than at the World Cup," Pele said.

"It's a very important tournament for Brazil. I hope we set up a good team for the tournament when we get there."

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