Pele's son convicted in money laundering case

Sao Paulo: Brazilian police yesterday detained Pele's son Edinho at his home in Sao Paulo state following his money laundering conviction, authorities said.

Pele's son Edinho. Pic/AFP
Pele's son Edinho. Pic/AFP 

Edinho, full name Edson Cholbi Nascimento, once played in goal for his father's former club Santos.

But at the end of May a court gave him a 33-year jail sentence for laundering money for drug traffickers. A spokeswoman for Brazil's secretariat for public safety told AFP the 43-year-old, who may appeal the verdict, had been handed over to the authorities.

Edinho was found to have had links with a drug cartel led by Ronaldo "Naldinho" Duarte Barsotti. He admitted buying drugs from the cartel but denied working with the network.



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